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eazyCal provides profitable web applications for businesses seeking to leverage modern IT tools and technologies to increase productivity. From Website Designing to Web Applications Development, you are covered. eazyCal also provides IT services which include but not limited to Electronic Voting, Internet Voting, SMS integration, Web hosting, Deployment, etc.

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To create profitable web applications that support businesses to increase productivity


To become an idol in web applications development, deployment and training


Service | Competency | Integrity |
Loyalty | Excellence | Quality


eazyCal provides the following services for individuals and businesses


eazyCal carefully analyses your requirements, design, build, develop, deploy and maintain a modern standardised website for you


eazyCal transforms large data being it Word, Excel or Plain Text, create CRON jobs, send bulk emails; and also delivers SMS to larger recipients


eazyCal develops profitable web applications that have longer life span with minimal bugs and provides optimum support to achieve its goals


eazyCal hosts websites and applications on behalf of designers who trust in its expertise and also deploy web application for developers


eazyCal integrates Application Platform Interface (APIs) into existing web applications for developers and also add plugins into web apps


eazyCal offers web designing and web applications development training for individuals who are ready to gain practical knowledge of this discipline


Find some of the products helping institutions and businesses to increase productivity



Student Information System for Private Schools in Ghana. Available as Software as a Service

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electronic & internet voting system for election management. Available as Software as a Service

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Paperless solution for private care facilities. Available as Software as a Service

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Why eazyCal?


eazyCal has the ability to create websites and web applications that can be measured against standards due to experience and training gained

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eazyCal is particularly skillful at website designing, web applications development and deployment, data automation and analysis

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Customer care is eazyCal's top priority. We provide consistent support to loyal clients in order to make sure they receive best of services


Who eazyCal Serves

eazyCal serves a wide range of clients from individuals running sole-proprietorship businesses to
government institutions and place priority on clients who maintain their loyalty


eazyCal serves clients who are operating legal businesses whether public or private entity - seeking to increase productivity


eazyCal do not provide services for individuals or businesses that engage in illegal operations or activities that affect humanity

Let's Transform

It is time to make computers work for you

A software is one that requires little effort of users to produce bigger results. If your software is stressing you - then it is time to take a nap.

Feel free to talk and share your traditional business processes with eazyCal and relax while analysis are taken to offer easy and simplified systems to help you


Learn Web Development

Are you interested in learning how to design websites or develop web applications? If yes, then Developers Seminar is here for you. It is a 3-Day event that is organised regularly for persons interested in websites and web applications. Register below if you are interested

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Customer Support

eazyCal provides 24/7 support for products and services. eazyCal responds quickly to client requests and fix bugs as soon as reported

There are three (3) communication channels for contacting support. eazyCal places priority on emails and WhatsApp channels

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