Developers Seminar

{DS} is a 3-Day packed seminar themed Going Online which seeks to enlighten people interested in websites and web apps development.


Dec 8 - 10, 2021

Berekum College of Education, Berekum

For 30 Participants

Registration ends on DEC 03, 2021


{DS} is designed to equip participants with core web skills

The Web Basics

Web Basic Concepts

Web Building Blocks

Introduction to Servers

Setting Up Your Local Environment

The Development

Introduction to Frameworks

Building Your First {DS} Website

Hosting Your First {DS} Website

The Hosting

Introduction to DNS

Introduction to Hosting

Hosting Environments

Packages, Value for Money & Payments

Who is {DS} intended for?

{DS} is intended for persons interested in creating websites, starting a blog or developing softwares. {DS} is targeted at 30 participants ONLY


Personal Computer

Basic IT skills (Typing & Mousing)


Gain skills & tools to code your own websites

Gain hosting and deployment knowledge

Gain ideas on starting your own data-driven business

Who is organising {DS}?

{DS} is organised by Okrah Amoah Peter (Big Pee)

Areas of Specialisation

Software Development

Server Administration

Database Administration

Data Automation & Transformation

Core Skills

Frontend [HTML, CSS, JS]

Server Side [PHP, VBA, VB.net]

Database [MSSQL, MySQL]

OS [Linux, Windows]


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